Travelling light makes your journey easier in so many ways. Check out our top tips below for the perfectly organised case, whether you’ve got a neat cabin bag or a huge suitcase. 


1.    Make a list. Check it twice. Think about the activities you have planned, and what you need. Stick to your list, and make sure you’re not adding in things ‘just in case’ – or you’ll end up with lots of space-stealing items that you never needed in the first place. 


2.    Get the right suitcase. As with so many things, if you have the right basics, everything else will fall into place. Consider the weight, the size – how long is your trip? Do you need that huge case for a long weekend in New York? (If you’re hitting the shops, then yes, you probably do).


3.    Think capsule wardrobe. Pack items that can be mixed and matched to make several outfits. 


4.    Layer it up. Lots of light layers are ideal, as you can adjust easily depending on temperature. Going from the cold English winter to the toasty Caribbean? You’ll regret that bulky coat. Just make sure you have enough layers to stay warm on your journey home.


5.    Bags, bags, bags. Use old shoe bags or drawstring bags to keep your unmentionables separate and easy to find, and keep a couple of empty ones aside to pop your laundry in while you’re away. You can also pack all your electronics and chargers into a small wash bag to keep them from getting tangled up with socks or belts.


6.    Roll with it. Rolling your clothes is the most efficient use of space, and let’s face it, it’s easier than folding! 


7.    Play tag. A lot of suitcases look the same. Make use of colourful, unique baggage tags (more than one if you like) to ensure you can find yours in a crowd. 


8.    Don’t forget! But if you do – you can buy it when you’re there.