Our Flying Club golf league, Swingers, is back for its 15th season in 2018. And we’ve got an incredible final lined up – in Las Vegas.


Swingers is a great way to meet other players, compete and have lots of fun in the process. Once you’ve joined the league, you just need to log your scores online throughout the year – this can be club rounds, a casual game with friends, or games with other Swingers from around the world. There are monthly prizes to be won, as well as Swingers golf days to get involved with. And whenever you travel with Virgin Atlantic, your golf clubs travel for free.


The more you submit your scores and climb the leaderboard, the closer you get to a place in our fantastic grand final in Las Vegas. What more could you want than glitz, glamour and golf?


To register or to start logging your scores for season 15, head to www.flyingclubgolfleague.com