Some people just need a little extra help on their journey, and that’s why we’ve launched our special assistance initiative and produced a hidden disability alert symbol across our network. 


Customers with hidden disabilities  can print off, or take a photo of the symbol with a mobile phone, which can be used to discreetly let our air and ground staff know that they may need a little more time, space, consideration or help than others. Hidden disabilities, such as autism or dementia, can be difficult to recognise. So, by showing this symbol, it’s easy to let us know that someone may need assistance without drawing any unnecessary attention.


We’ve already tried out this initiative on our London Gatwick to Orlando flights, and we’ve received really positive feedback.  So, we’re going to be sending out bookmarks with this symbol displayed to other airports very soon. Customers can print off the bookmark at home and carry it with their passport or pick up a slip at the check in.


Download the assistance bookmark